Michelle K Allan


Michelle K Allan


A guide to eating with dietary restrictions in Kingston

When the Sleepless Goat Café closed last year, gluten-intolerants and vegans lost a staple. It may be rare to find alternative diet options, so we’ve assembled a list of places that cater to a variety of different diets from vegans, vegetarians and the gluten-free to seafood lovers and ardent carnivores alike.
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Head-to-toe veganism

Whether it’s for moral, environmental, or health reasons, many people are going vegan. But while veganism is often associated with drinking soy lattes and ordering tofu instead, there’s a lot more to it than just what you eat — it’s a way of life. Whether you’re looking to change to a kinder diet or feeling a bit veg-curious, we’ve assembled a small guide to help you with the fashion aspect of vegan life.
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The balancing act of self-love & healthy living

Both sides are flawed and neither hold the key to perfect health or body image. Instead, we need to practice parts of both philosophies simultaneously — such as eating healthy and working out while also practicing radical self-love.
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Michelle K Allan

My name is Michelle and I’m a GTA based journalist. I am currently finishing my last semester at Queen’s University, and will have earned a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) with a major in English Literature by December 2018.

During my studies at Queen's, I have worked at many campus media outlets. I am currently the Head Journalist for Inquire Publication, and my previous positions have included Assistant Editor of Photography/Staff Writer at The Queen's Journal, Editor of The Undergraduate Review, and Reporter and Sports Coordinator at CFRC 101.9.

This summer I did a foreign reporting student program at the Reuters offices in Prague with Transitions Online, an online media organization covering politics and news of Central/Eastern Europe.

The previous summer I worked at The Beaverton, a Toronto-based satirical news publication. I was able to contribute both to the online publication and the TV show.

I also found time during my undergrad to contribute to rewriting the university’s Sexual Violence Policy, host the Queen's Poetry Slam, and complete a study abroad program in Elizabethan Shakespeare and British Studies at the Bader International Study Centre in Great Britain.

When not occupied by journalistic endeavours, I often work in photography and graphic design. I’ve done graphic design work for Supes Legit Productions which can be seen in the webseries #Interns. I’ve also held many photography jobs, including at the The Queen's Journal and the Queen's Arts and Science Undergraduate Society.

If you’re interested in collaborating or hiring me for freelance work, I can be reached at



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