Michelle K Allan

Michelle K Allan


City of Calgary votes to ban conversion therapy

Calgary’s city council voted overwhelmingly on Monday to ban conversion therapy, becoming the latest jurisdiction in Canada to prohibit the practice as Parliament considers national legislation.
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Due to COVID-19, low attendance at supervised drug consumption site in Calgary may increase risk of overdoses

Visits to Calgary’s supervised drug consumption site have dropped by a third after the facility cut its capacity because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which experts say has increased the risk of overdoses.
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Alberta’s retreat on billing changes does little to heal damage in rural doctors’ dispute

The Alberta government’s attempts this weekend to reverse a policy that doctors warned would push many of them out of their practices hasn’t helped restore their confidence, physicians say.
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Researchers at University of Calgary examine human to animal coronavirus transmission

Researchers at the University of Calgary examined the potential for COVID-19 transmission between humans and animals as the origins of the novel coronavirus fuel speculation about any risk posed to people by their pets.
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A guide to eating with dietary restrictions in Kingston

When the Sleepless Goat Café closed last year, gluten-intolerants and vegans lost a staple. It may be rare to find alternative diet options, so we’ve assembled a list of places that cater to a variety of different diets from vegans, vegetarians and the gluten-free to seafood lovers and ardent carnivores alike.
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The balancing act of self-love & healthy living

Both sides are flawed and neither hold the key to perfect health or body image. Instead, we need to practice parts of both philosophies simultaneously — such as eating healthy and working out while also practicing radical self-love.
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Michelle K Allan

Hello! My name is Michelle and I’m a Master of Journalism candidate at Ryerson. I am also a Junior Fellow at the Centre for Free Expression, where I study Canadian extremist groups.

I interned as a general assignment news reporter at the Globe and Mail during the Spring of 2020. Topics I covered included the Nova Scotia shooting, “murder hornets”, conversion therapy legislation, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Before starting my Masters, I was the lead reporter at Kingstonist. I care deeply about local news, and working full-time in immersing myself in and sharing Kingston’s stories was incredibly rewarding.

I have a Bachelor of Arts with Honours from Queen’s, where I majored in English Language and Literature. I held a wide array of jobs and internships throughout undergrad at publications such as The Beaverton, The Queen’s Journal, The Undergraduate Review, and Inquire. I also completed a foreign reporting student program at the Reuters offices in Prague with Transitions Online, an online media organization covering politics and news of Central/Eastern Europe.

If you’re interested in collaborating or hiring me for freelance work, I can be reached at



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